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Efficient way to stop runny nose

 June 1, 2018  

Very often, people do not pay attention to the fact that runny nose can have serious consequences. Therefore, massaging certain body spots can help the organism to recuperate..

Lu Hunsen, a doctor of Chinese medicine, recommends one efficient way to stop runny nose.

Spot 01: If you tug the line by the cheeks, this spot is right under the nose beginning.
Spot 02: Symmetrical spots on both sides of the face. You should press the barely noticeable hollowness distanced around two centimeters from the outer part of the cheeks, simultaneously.
Spot 03: Two symmetrical spots on the nose beginning must be massaged simultaneously.
Spot 04: Symmetrical spots distanced half a centimeter from the nose.

How to massage?
All of this spots should be massaged with your finger tips per a minute. Press hard, but not so you feel pain. The direction is not important, the feeling of pressure on the certain spot is.
Runny nose stops after the first time. If there is a need, repeat it twice or three times per day.
Chinese medicine considers that the most important thing is the regular blood flow to the muscles and tissue. If somewhere in the organism, stagnation emerges, than the place starts to develop a disease. And vice versa-if you secure a proper blood flow, the organism will be able to heel from the disease quickly.
That is why massaging key spots helps in the healing process.
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