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Ten foods you must try when you go to Nepal

 June 1, 2018  

Nepal is a country which is located in between India and China bordering in the north with Tibet province of China and in the south, east & west it is border with India. Bordering with these two great countries Nepal is a masterpiece in terms of diversity for everything like People, culture, custom, Language, food and flora-fauna. Being located in between India & China it has become the fusion in terms of people, religion, culture, custom, language & food. Here in this blog we are discussing about some food you should try when you were in Nepal.

01) Dal Bhat: Dal bhat is a major dish widely consumed by Nepali. Dal bhat is a set of few dishes which comes with Dal (Lentil soup), Bhat (Rice), Tarkari (Curry), Chutney (Pickle), Mashu (Meat), Papad (Thatched Chickpea) and garnished with some seasonal salad with peeled lemon slice. This is the perfect dish which can fill you up. Dal bhat is the last resort for many Nepali when super hungry.

02) Momo: Momo is another super popular food from Nepal which is widely consumed all over. In the street of Kathmandu we can see Momo center every corner. It is mostly eaten as snacks or as dinner sometime but mostly as snacks. It was originated in Tibet but later it came to Kathmandu and now its super famous over here. Actually Momo is the dumpling covered with spiced meat & vegetable inside either steamed or dip fried served with homemade sauce or relish. This can be different from place to place. Some place it can be small as normal or someplace it can be mouthful monster.

03) Newari Set: Newari Set is another food you should miss in Nepal. It is a set of several dish which comes together. This we can found in Newary restaurant or in the street pub mostly everywhere in Kathmandu. This comes with Chiura (beaten paddy), Choila (Boiled and mixed with spice meat), Spicy curry, Beans & bamboo shoot soup & some fried peanut-cashew nut. It’s a complete meal, it can be eaten as launch, snack or for dinner as well.

04) Chapati Curry: Chapati curry is another dish widely eaten in Nepal. This is widely consumed in the midland and lowland of Nepal. Chapati is a thin wheat bread baked in a pan. It’s both side baked which makes it more tasty. It can be served with many things like juice, tea-coffe, sauce or Tarkari (Curry). This can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, dinner or as snacks. Curry can be seasonal so it can be anything.

05) Porridge with nettle soup: This is also one of the typical foods from the ancient time. When there was not any impact of western civilization before globalization it used to be the major dish in highland and in hilly region of Nepal. The porridge can be from millet, wheat, barley, corn or buckwheat. This can be eaten as launch and dinner whereas small portion can be suitable for snacks and breakfast. The soup can be seasonal or mostly its comes with nettle soup, dry spinach (Ghundruk) soup or Bamboo shoot-beans soup.

06) Chatamari: Chatamari is the food which is cooked including many different ingredients. It is the Pizza of Nepali version. It was discovered in Kathmandu centuries before in the medieval age. Rice pancake is baked on the frying pan and topped with egg, minced meat & some vegetables. It can be found around the Newari restaurants in Kathmandu valley. It can be eaten as snacks and launch dinner as well.

07) Sell roti achar: Sell roti achar is another famous dish in Nepal. Sell roti is rice donought cooked in dip fried oil. This bread taste sweet and salty. This snack is widely eaten inside Kathmandu valley and outside Kathmandu valley. This bread is cooked in auspicious occasion and festival in hilly region of Nepal. This can be served with curry soup or dry curry called achar. This can be eaten as launch, dinner, breakfast & as snacks.

08) Shukuti (Dry Meat): Shukuti (Dry Meat) is widely consumed in the mountain & hilly region of Nepal. Fresh red meat is taken after slaughter and hanged over the fire place or cooking place as when it’s get dry its ready to be consumed. This meat would be your best snacks for rice whisky but beware chew carefully otherwise it can drag you to dentist afterward.

09) Thukpa: Thukpa is a noodle soup comes with thick soup, seasonal vegetable mixed with Himalayan spices. This food is widely eaten during winter time in the hilly and mountain region of Nepal. You can easily find places for this food as many restaurants in Kathmandu do Thukpa. Tibetean restaurant around the town could be the best choice to explore several varieties of this dish.

10) Tongba: Tongba is a drink served in wooden pot using bamboo straw. The mixture of fermented millet & barley is kept inside the wooden pot and drink with straw after pouring hot water on it so it can be mixed with fermented stuff. Tongba is also called Tibetean hot beer which is found widly in Kathmandu valley as well as in the mountain region of Nepal. Doesn’t worry the alcohol you get from Tongba is around 5 to 10% depends from place to place.