Miss Nepal Shrinkhala became no. 1 Asian beauty to lead Miss world 2018 – South Asia Time

Miss Nepal Shrinkhala became no. 1 Asian beauty to lead Miss world 2018

 December 8, 2018  

MISS WORLD 2018 – The Top 12 finalists of the prestigious Miss World 2018 pageant have been announced and here is the list.
India used to bag this crown quiet often as India has been recorded as the country to produce highest number of miss world with 6 crown till now. Despite the fact Indian contestant miss India Anukreethy Vas, who won the Miss India title at this years Miss India 2018 pageant, crashed out of the Miss World 2018 race. Surprisingly Nepal has made tremendous progress in the contest by reaching in top 13. Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada has already bag multimedia and beauti with purpose award and secured the top 10 place in the contest.
Since there has been no contestant left in miss world from South Asian region Miss Khatiwada has already became the South Asian beauty and there is Miss Thailand is in the top 13 list but her name has came after Khatiwada. Hence , Shrinkhala kept the name of South Asia in the world” an Indian fan of Shrinkhala says to SAT.
The prestigious pageant Miss World 2018 was held at China on December 8. This is the 68th Miss World and the crown will be passed by Manushi Chillar of India, the crowned Miss World 2017.
And now, here is the list of the Top 12 candidates:
Miss Scotland
Miss Panama
Miss Mexico
Miss Martinique
Miss Jamaica
Miss France
Miss Belarus
Miss Uganda
Miss Mauritius
Miss Nepal
Miss New Zealand
Miss Thailand