Nepal expects 25 per cent growth in the number of Indian tourists this year

PTI, Kathmandu— The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has said it is expecting a 25 per cent growth in the number of Indian tourists visiting the country by air in 2019.

In 2018, around 2,00,000 tourists from India visited Nepal by air. Nepal does not have a system to count the number of tourists coming by road from India.

NTB launched ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’ campaign here on Wednesday to achieve two million arrivals from across the world by 2020 and a daily spend of over USD 75.

This year, NTB is looking forward to a growth of 25 per cent in the number of visitors from India coming by air, he added.

The campaign is Nepal’s commitment to improving its competitiveness through investment, innovation, infrastructure development, regulatory reform and new product offerings with an objective of developing tourism industry.

In 2018, Nepal received 1,173,072 international tourists excluding overland travellers. The top arrivals were from India, China, Sri Lanka, the US and the UK. The share of FDI in tourism was 11.47 per cent at USD 23,855.50 million.

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