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NRNA UK becomes the largest diaspora Nepali organisation in the world

 August 1, 2019  

Jagan Karki, London– The Non-Resident Nepali Association UK (NRNA UK) chapter has become the largest diaspora Nepali organisation in the world.

According to the President of NRNA UK, Yog Kumar Phagami, a total of 13,853 Non-Resident Nepalis (also known as NRNs) have applied for the membership.

The last date of application for the membership of the NRNA UK was 31st July 2019.

The NRNA has its chapters (known as National Coordination Councils or NCCs)  in 80 countries around the world.

NRNA UK has thus become the chapter with the largest number of members.

In terms of membership, the second-largest NRNA chapter is NRNA Australia that has got 11,616 members. Similarly, NRNA NCC US has become the third-largest chapter with 9,218 members.

The number of Nepali diaspora is said to be around 200,000 in the USA (double the estimated number of 100,000 in the UK). Yet, more Nepali diaspora members in the UK have opted to join the organisation in Britain than in the US.

The surge in the membership for the NRNA UK came in the wake of elections to choose a new executive committee. The election for the NRNA NCC UK is taking place on 14 September 2019.

The election for the NRNA NCC US and NCC Australia have already taken place.

“I am really enthused to see that an increasing number of Nepali diaspora joining the bandwagon of the NRNA,” said Kul Acharya, Vice President of the NRNA International Coordination Council. “The challenge now is to elect an inclusive and dynamic leadership for the NRNA ICC in October this year.”

Mr. Acharya has already announced his candidacy for the post of President of the NRNA ICC for the 2019-21 tenure. Another Vice President, the Germany-based businessman Kumar Pant, is also the front-runner for the post of President.

The 9th global conference and meeting of the NRNA, being held in Kathmandu during 13-16 October 2019, will choose new leadership for the NRNA ICC for the next two years.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the executive committee of the NRNA UK on Sunday has formed an Election Committee under the chairmanship of Major (Retired) Damer Ghale, OBE. Major Ghale is also chief patron of the NRNA UK.

“It is great to know about the encouraging participation of the Nepali community in the NRNA UK. Our team is committed to hold the elections in a free and fair manner without any bias,” Mr. Ghale said.

President of the NRNA UK Yog Kumar Phagami said, “We tried our best to reach out to every corner of the UK over the last two years and these numbers are evidence of our growing popularity among the Nepali diaspora in the UK,” said Yog Kumar Phagami, President of the NRNA UK. Similarly, General Secretary of the NRNA UK, Raj Kumar Tripathi, thanked all those who have applied to join the organisation putting their trust in the organisation.

Mr. Shivaji Shrestha has been appointed Deputy Coordinator of the Election Committee while Dr. Sumaya Rai, Shri Limbu, Chiranjibi Dhakal, Naresh Khapangi Magar, Karna Shahi, Rastra Rai, Karma Shahi, Raju Kadel, Dut Pun, Bikash Sharan Pauli, and Nem Thapa have been nominated members of the Committee.