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Boris Johnson’s Parliament prorogation was unlawful : Supreme Court

 September 24, 2019  

London — The supreme court has ruled that Boris Johnson’s advice to the Queen that parliament should be prorogued for five weeks at the height of the Brexit crisis was unlawful, BBC reported.

The judgment from 11 justices on the UK’s highest court follows an emergency three-day hearing last week that exposed fundamental legal differences over interpreting the country’s unwritten constitution.

Reacting to the ruling, Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow says: “I welcome the Supreme Court’s judgement that the prorogation of Parliament was unlawful. It is for Parliament to decide what to do next. Speaker  Bercow says the House of Commons ‘must convene without delay’.

The decision was read out by Lady Hale, the president of the supreme court. Unusually, none of the parties were provided with advance copies of the judgment due to its extreme sensitivity. Only seven of the 11 justices who heard the case were present in court on Tuesday.