27,000 Trees chopped in Nepal For Nijgadh-Bara Fast Track Project – South Asia Time

27,000 Trees chopped in Nepal For Nijgadh-Bara Fast Track Project

 December 17, 2019  

RSS, Nijgadh — Over 27 thousand trees were cut so far in course of the implementation of Nijgadh-Bara Fast Track Project. The project is being constructed by Nepal Army (NA).
According to Fast Track Project Implementation Division Chief and Lieutenant Colonel Bishwa Bandhu Pahadi, a total of 27,069 trees, out of 38,664 remaining along the track, were needed to be removed for the implementation of some 77-kilometer project.
Remaining over 11 thousand will be cut down during the tunnel construction.
The Division has, according to the principle of road construction, obtained permission from the Forest Ministry for cutting down trees remaining within the periphery of 50 meters of the track in hilly areas and 100 meters in the Terai.
Authorities concerned have been given the responsibility for the management of felled trees.
To meet the environmental standard, 25 trees should be planted for every tree cut down in the process and the NA is producing some 150 thousand nursery plants in Nijgadh and Rajdurbar. Trees transplantation in the areas where trees were cut has also begun.
It has already planted some five thousand trees at several places of Kohalbi municipality, the NA said.