Why Are South Asian Immigrant Women Vulnerable to Domestic Violence? – South Asia Time

Why Are South Asian Immigrant Women Vulnerable to Domestic Violence?

 December 21, 2019  

Hamza Husain

South Asian women in particular are not only vulnerable to domestic violence, but exceptionally vulnerable to underreporting of domestic violence. The problem compounds itself by making it difficult not only to quantify the issue, but also harder to understand its roots.

This  phenomenon studies by analyzing the potential causes for both domestic violence as well as underreporting, through understanding what systemic, legislative, and cultural issues specifically plague South Asian women in the United States.

Stark cultural differences between eastern and western values and , acclimation difficulties, and a powerfully hierarchical, patriarchal culture are ultimately the most impactful foundations enabling domestic violence in South Asian women. The safeguards against interpersonal violence in immigrants have conclusively failed, due to lack of knowledge about them and a high difficulty for immigrant women to even utilize them.

The United States needs to increase funding and accessibility in its domestic violence survivor’s programs in order to better assist immigrant women.

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