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When is Top Gear Nepal and Christmas special episode is on BBC?

 December 24, 2019  

London — The very popular factual television series of BBC 2 has announced that they are going to cover the tough and adventurous  roads of Nepal.

The Christmas special will see the presenters setting out on one of the toughest road trips ever, as they take a voyage from Nepal’s capital Kathmandu to the Forbidden City of Lo Manthang, a secretive kingdom on the Tibetan plateau, on the far side of the Himalayas.

When is the Top Gear Christmas special on TV?

Top Gear, Nepal Special will air on BBC Two on Sunday 29 December at 9pm.

The show will be available to re-watch on the BBC’s iPlayer.

Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris will be seen facing a few issues as they travel across Nepal during the special Christmas episode.

What to expect

McGuinness, Flintoff and Harris will embark on their toughest road trip yet. Over five hours, the presenters will travel from Kathmandu to the far side of the Himalayas to visit the city of Lo Manthang.

Along the way, the trio will be seen battling treacherous driving conditions including river crossings, mudslides and mountain passes,  the  INews TV  newsletter  writes. 

But in true Top Gear fashion, the presenters were given an old Peugeot, a small and old Renault, and Nepal’s first and only home built car to make their journey in instead of comfortable and safer 4x4s.

And it’s fair to say that McGuinness, Flintoff and Harris’ expedition doesn’t alwats run smoothly due to the vehicles they were given to drive.

Flintoff told Mail Online that he had feared for his life when at one point in the trip he drove alongside a road with a drop of several thousand feet on the other side.

“My heart was pounding. It was one of the most hair-raising experiences I’ve ever had,” he said.

Harris also revealed scary details from the trip, which included the moment he started to see his car roll down a mountain.

“At one point I got out of the car to attach a tow rope from Freddie’s vehicle to mine, but the brake failed on my Renault and I turned round to see it rolling backwards down the mountain,” he said.

The trio face tough and gruelling terrain as they travel across Nepal in various vehicles