Climate Change Funding: Bangladesh for special focus on South Asia – South Asia Time

Climate Change Funding: Bangladesh for special focus on South Asia

 February 29, 2020  

Dhaka — Foreign Minister AK Momen has urged the global community to put special focus on the South Asian region while allocating funds and taking up programmes for the region’s extreme vulnerability to climate change, The Daily star writes.

He also stressed the need for technology transfer, recognising local solution and innovation and public awareness for combating the menace of climate change.

The call was made when Momen attended the board meeting of Global Center on Adaptation held in Paris on Thursday, according to a foreign ministry statement.

Former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, ministers from the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden, and mayors from Paris, Rotterdam and Miami were present. China, the Philippines and Bangladesh were invited to be board members from Asia at the meeting.

Global leaders praised Bangladesh for its commitment and measures to fight the adverse impacts of climate change.

Momen gave an account of the activities Bangladesh has undertaken to adapt to the harmful impacts of climate change. These include developing flood, drought and salinity-resistant seeds; harvesting rainwater; rooftop gardening; introducing boat-schools; floating agriculture, setting up a self-funded Climate Change Trust Fund etc.