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WHD initiates Covid Times Poetry competition “You inspire / We Award “

 April 3, 2020  

London —  An International NGO “World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)”  has initiated a COVID time poetry competition.  Abdul Basit Syed, a British Indian social activist who is the founder and
Chairman of WHD believed the the best way to illuminate the surrounded gloom in peoples lives during this crisis is by giving hope of inspiration to humanity through words.

He has inspired many people from different countries to stay at home to break the chain of corona virus outbreak by his multi language digital campaign posters and initiating an International poetry contest “Covid Times Poetry” commenced on the 27 th March 2020.

Abdul Basit Syed is determined to break the barrier of fear of Covid 19 by promoting hope through people’s inspirational poems. The competition is to encourage every individual during this lockdown to ideate in kindling their poetic skills to motivate humanity around the world even from inside their homes through this online poetry contest.

This is the first time in human history a global poetry competition has been organised to save the planet through everyone’s inspiration from inside their home and collective efforts, emphasizing the oneness amongst all, the contest is open to all languages, nationalities and age group, says Abdul in a press note provided to media.

Poems are sequentially posted in Instagram: @whd.org.uk for the winners to
be picked and honoured with “WHD Humanitarian Award.”

Sent your poems to inspire the world from your home
WhatsApp +44 794 632 8097 or email: Support@whd.org.uk
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