Coronavirus: The total death toll in the UK reached 5,373 after 439 died on Sunday

London — The death toll in the UK has soared once again amid the coronavirus crisis – reaching more than 5,000 on Monday as UK coronavirus deaths rise by 439.

Positive cases have now reached 51,608 – up from 47,806 yesterday – as Britain continues to be gripped by the deadly disease.

The total figure, as of 4pm on Sunday, is 5,373 – up from 4,934 the previous day, the Department of Health said.

England deaths: 403 more – total of 4,897

Wales deaths: 27 more – total of 193

Scotland deaths: two more – total of 222

Northern Ireland deaths: seven more – total of 70

Patients were aged between 35 and 106 years old.  15 of the 403 patients (aged between 52 and 94 years old) had no known underlying health condition.

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