Nepali New Year 2077 BS Being Marked Across The Country Today – South Asia Time

Nepali New Year 2077 BS Being Marked Across The Country Today

 April 13, 2020  


RSS, Kathmandu —    The Nepali New Year 2077 BS is being marked today by exchanging greetings of the best wishes across the country.
Also called ‘Mesh Sankranti’ or ‘Baisakh Sankranti’, today the Sun enters into the Aries from the Pisces.
The first day of the Year 2077 BS, this is the day for everyone to plan for future with firm determination by evaluating the success and failures of the past year.

Though people used to celebrate the festival reaching to temples and visiting touristic destinations with nearest and dearest ones, this year all are compelled to stay at home owing the threat of deadly COVID-19 pandemic. This year, all will celebrate the New Year staying at home after the government stay at home order as a measure to fight the coronavirus.
Panchanga based on the traditional Hindu and Vedic astrological tabulation forecasts celestial phenomena such as solar and lunar eclipses. The Bikram Sambat is 57 years 8 month and 15 days ahead of the Gregorian Calendar.

According to Prof Dr Ram Chandra Gautam, Chairman of Calendar Determination Committee, the Pramadi named Sambatsar has begun recently and it is the 47th one among the 60 Sambatsar in Nepali calendar.
As per the mythology, Bikram Sambat is believed to have been started by King Bikramaditya.