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South Korea To Provide Relief To Nepalis As Well

 April 23, 2020  

RSS , Seoul :  A province government of South Korea has decided to provide relief that it had been giving to its citizens to the foreign nationals as well after they started feeling the pang of the coronavirus pandemic in their daily living.
The Nepalis living here will also be benefited from this facility. The Khyangido Provincial Government here has decided to provide government relief to all the foreign nationals holding marriage visa and permanent domicile there.
The provincial government has been providing 100 thousand Korean Won as relief assistance ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Korea to ease the daily living of the citizens.
The relief would be provided to the F-6 and F-T visa holder foreigners. Nepalis with these visas are also entitled for the relief.
A signature campaign was carried out before this demanding relief for the foreign nationals as well citing that the government was discriminating them not giving relief when it had been collecting tax from them. Fourteen thousand signatures were registered in the website of the province government in a period of three weeks.
There are more than 60 thousand foreign nationals holding permanent visas and over 48 thousand foreign nationals carrying marriage visas in Khyangido Province.