Virendra Sharma, MP, hosts webinar for stranded Indian students in Britain  – South Asia Time

Virendra Sharma, MP, hosts webinar for stranded Indian students in Britain 

 May 4, 2020  

London — On Sunday, British Labour Party MP and Chair  of Indo-British all-party parliamentary group, Virendra Sharma, hosted a webinar with Indian International Students suffering during the corona virus lock down.

During the webinar Virendra Sharma talked about his own experience with corona virus, the amazing work of dedicated National Health Service (NHS) heroes and how we can all help each other get through this. Following his talk, he fielded questions from students from up and down the country about different aspects of the lock down, about their personal safety, money worries and getting home.

“This is a listening exercise, I want to know what problems you are facing so I can help you. Its no good me just guessing what your issues are so I am here to find out. Anything I can help you get from the British or Indian governments I want to help with,” MP Sharma said.

The issues most often raised by students were lack of money due to being stopped from working, being stuck in Britain and family members being unable to visit banks in India to send them money.

 Sanam Arora, Chairperson NISAU said, “We are grateful to our patron Mr Sharma for a holistic and thorough engagement with the distressed Indian student community. This has provided a sense of relief to Indian students that their concerns are being listened to by Britain and will get adequately considered by the  British Government.”

Similarly,  Mohanish Borana, President NISAU said, “On behalf of my team, we are absolutely honoured to have Mr Sharma interacting with distressed Indian Students from more than 65 universities all over the U.K on a NISAU platform. His commitment to help the community was quite heartwarming as he answered each and every query with compassion and empathy. I am sure students must have learned a lesson or two from his experiences of surviving corona.”