Restaurants, pubs and hairdressers to reopen from 4th of July in England – South Asia Time

Restaurants, pubs and hairdressers to reopen from 4th of July in England

 June 23, 2020  

London — UK PM Boris Johnson has announced that members of two different households can meet “in any setting, inside or out” from July 4 in a landmark easing of lockdown measures.

The Prime Minister also told MPs that the two-metre social distancing rule would be relaxed to one metre from that date, allowing pubs, restaurants and cinemas to reopen, standard reported.

Despite warning that the steps — which also include the opening of campsites, hotels, holiday cottages and churches — were “conditional and reversible”, Mr Johnson said: “Today we can say that our long national hibernation is beginning to come to an end.”

Boris Johnson is asked about one safety measure being suggested for pubs, bars and restaurants – whether staff should take customers’ contact details so they can be told if someone nearby later tests positive for the virus.

Mr Johnson said businesses should be encouraged to take the names of customers.

“I do think that is something that people get and as far as possible we want people to do that and we want businesses to comply with that,” he said.

“I believe it is very, very important for our ability to track back and stop outbreaks happening.”, BBC writes.

Mr Johnson said he also wanted people “to take advantage of the freedoms that they are rightly reacquiring, but I must stress that people should act in a responsible way”.

Major update from today’s announcement :

  • He was slashing the 2m rule down to ‘1m plus’
  • Staycations from July 4 got the green light as hotels and bed and breakfasts were told they could reopen
  • Pubs will also reopen from July 4 – but only one household can go inside with another and new measures will be in place
  • But hair, nail salons, gyms and nightclubs will remain closed for now
  • People will be allowed to see one other household inside – but they must still keep their distance
  • And sleepovers are finally allowed from July 4