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COVID-19 recovery rate increasing in Nepal

 December 12, 2020  

Kathmandu, RSS— The country’s coronavirus recovery rate is way above the recovery rate worldwide.

The statistics shared by the Ministry of Health and
Population yesterday corroborate the statement.

The statistics show that the global recovery rate is
69.3 per cent, whereas the recovery rate in Nepal has reached 94.2 per cent.

The total number of infected cases worldwide as of
yesterday was 69 million, 254 thousand and 300. Of them, 40,809,437 have recovered.

In Nepal, of the 245,650 cases as of yesterday, 231,601 have recovered and returned home after being discharged from hospitals.

At one time, the recovery rate in Nepal was 60 to 62 per cent, but now it has crossed 94 per cent.

Looking at the data over the past two months, the recovery rate has gone up from 68 per cent.

Spokesperson at the Health Ministry, Jageshwor Gautam said the rate of recovery had increased, thanks to better treatment services in the

“These days the treatment services have become better and so the recovery rate has also increased,” he said.

On October 14, 68.8 per cent of the COVID-19 infected persons had recovered.

Similarly, 70.6 per cent of the infected had recovered on October 25; 77.6 per cent had come out from the infection on November 1; and 80 per cent of the infected persons had recovered on November 11.

Going by the data since December 4, the recovery
rate is found to have increased. It was 92.9 per cent
on December 4, 93.4 per cent on December 5, 93.7 per cent on December 6, 94 per cent on December
7, 94.1 per cent on December 8, 94.1 per cent on December 9 and 94.3 on December 10.

As per the statistics shared by the ministry yesterday, 94.2 per cent of COVID patients have recovered. One thousand and sixty four persons had returned home after recovering yesterday.

Director of Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Diseases Hospital Sagar Raj Bhandari said the asymptomatic cases were staying in home isolation and recovering although the treatment system was similar to other countries.

He argued that the recovery rate has increased as the number of patients had decreased with the reduced testing.

Prabin Nepal of the Armed Police Force Hospital also said the number of people recovered had increased as the rate of infection had gone down due to reduction in testing.

Likewise, the rate of death from COVID-19 in Nepal is also significantly lower than the global rate. The
latest statistics show that 0.67 per cent of the total infected have died in Nepal.

The mortality rate is 56.5 per one million.

One thousand, six hundred and seventy-four people have died of coronavirus infection in Nepal so far.

The global death rate from coronavirus infection is 2.3 per cent. One million, 576 thousand and 85 people have died of the same cause in the world so far.