International workshop on scientific research continues in Bhaktapur, Nepal – South Asia Time

International workshop on scientific research continues in Bhaktapur, Nepal

 December 23, 2021  

Bhaktapur, Nepal  — The 11-day international school (workshop) on scientific research is being run in Bhaktapur. The third Nepal Winter School is being conducted at Khwapa Engineering College in Liwali, Bhaktapur.

The school has come into operation under the aegis of NAMI, an organization engaged in scientific research and study, and on the management support from Khwapa Engineering College.

As many as 120 national and international trainees are participating in the school. The participants range from minimum Bachelor’s Degree to Ph.D holders by education. Some 30 scientists from different countries are imparting training to the participants.

The school that began on December 21 is to be concluded on December 31. Shreyasha Poudel from host organization, NAMI, shared that the organization has been conducting such school once in a year. This is the third time that they conducted the school, she added.

The school has been hosted to help those engaged in scientific research and study.

Engineer and Associate Professor of Kwapa Engineering College Rabindra Foju informed that the programme was organized to advance the developing countries on scientific research and study along with the developed countries.

As informed research papers will be published on different topics in the school named ‘artificial intelligence’.

Researcher of NAMI, Dandapani Poudel shared that discussion will be held in the school to properly utilize artificial intelligence(RSS)