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Prince Andrew’s social media accounts deactivated

 January 21, 2022  

LONDON: Some of Prince Andrew’s social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channel have been deactivated, days after Queen Elizabeth stripped him of his military ties and patronages during a judicial battle over allegations of sexual assault, reported Wall Street Journal.

Earlier, after a New York judge gave the green light to a civil lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre, who alleged that Britain’s Prince Andrew sexually abused her when she was 17, the Queen stripped The Duke of York of his military ranks and royal patronage.

Changes are being made to Prince Andrew’s digital presence, according to a Buckingham Palace spokesperson, to reflect news last week that he would no longer use the title ‘His Royal Highness’ and would continue to avoid public duties.

“Channels are in the process of being removed,” the spokeswoman said, reported WSJ. The Duke of York will defend the sex assault case as a private citizen.

British Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II, is stripped of his military ranks and royal patronage after facing sex assault accusations, according to the press service of Buckingham Palace.

A spokesperson from Youtube confirmed that Prince Andrew’s account has been deleted while a spokesperson from Instagram declined to comment. When trying to visit Prince Andrew’s Twitter account, which uses his Duke of York title as the handle, a notice displays that says “This account does not exist.”

According to a Twitter representative, when that notice appears, it signifies the account has been deactivated. (ANI)