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International aid alone will not prevent Afghan crisis: Geneva Call

 February 22, 2022  

KABUL: Asserting that the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is dire, Geneva Call, an independent humanitarian organization, has warned that if funds do not reach Kabul soon, poverty and misery will increase in this country.

In an exclusive interview with TOLOnews, head of the organization (Geneva Call), General Alain Deletroz, said that humanitarian aid alone will not prevent the crisis in Afghanistan and that the country’s economy needed to become healthier as more money was provided.

“As a humanitarian organization we avoid commenting on political issues, but what we keep saying and telling our donors, if there is no money coming to Afghanistan at all, the humanitarian situation will be increasing…” said Mr Deletroz Concerns over the deterioration of the economic situation in Afghanistan have been heightened by the recent decision of Biden about the Afghanistan assets which are in US banks.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal said in a report that Biden’s executive order to distribute USD 7 billion of Afghan assets to the families of 9/11 victims is another blow to the country’s declining economy.

“The Biden administration’s decision to effectively seize the Afghan central bank’s foreign reserves is likely to deepen Afghanistan’s already devastating economic crisis, according to Afghan bankers and economists and international aid workers,” the report reads.

After the Taliban takeover of Kabul, world aid to Afghanistan halted, and the imposition of sanctions on the Islamic Emirate has put the country on the brink of a complete economic collapse. (ANI)