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How can we guarantee gender equality in every election?

 March 9, 2022  

Alex Sangha

We can cut the number of ridings in the House of Commons in half and elect one man and one woman from each new riding. 


This would result in the number of men and women elected to be equal and the number of MP’s would remain the same.


Why cannot we do this?  It’s so simple.


Special provisions would need to be made to ensure the representation of transgender and non-binary people and other underrepresented groups.  However, this can easily be done in the Canadian Senate which is appointed.


I really don’t understand why men and women have to compete with each other in elections.


It’s really not a level playing field in the first place!


Men have more power and privilege and earn more money than women in society.


Men don’t have to worry about being pregnant which can limit career opportunities for women, unfairly I might add.


Why do you think almost all the Prime Ministers of Canada have been men, white men.


It’s really a miracle that The Right Honourable Kim Campbell even made it to the top job by default I feel when her party was not expected to form the government.  The men in power basically made her take the fall.


True lasting change will never happen unless there is a diversity of voices around the decision-making table, and fundamental to this is the equal representation of women.


Men and women bring different issues, ideas, and approaches to solving problems.


There are many similarities and differences between men and women.  You can learn this in any beginner university-level gender studies course.


It is really a profound injustice that men continue to dominate and impose their power and privilege on the world at the expense of women.  And the people and the planet are paying the price!


Time for women to demand an equal voice in Parliament everywhere!


Alex Sangha is a social worker, counsellor, documentary film producer, and the Founder of Sher Vancouver which is a registered charity for LGBTQ+ South Asians and friends.  For more information on Sher Vancouver check out www.shervancouver.comor his latest documentary check out  Alex is the recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal from the Governor General of Canada for social work.