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Professor Surya P. Subedi’s Memoir Published in London and New York

 March 9, 2022  

London —  The memoir by Professor Surya P. Subedi has been published by the major British publishing house, Routledge, in London and New York.

“The Workings of Human Rights, Law and Justice: A Journey from Nepal to Nobel Nominee” is an intriguing account of the personal experience and insight of Professor Subedi, a leading international jurist.

The memoir traces the author’s remarkable journey from a simple village in Nepal to become an international jurist acclaimed for his innovative academic and influential practical legal work at senior level positions in the UN and in various governments, leading to his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

It offers insights into the powers bearing on international policymaking, the dynamics of human rights negotiations with governments and the effects of their outcomes on the lives of their citizens. It is an empowering narrative offering a story of complex experiences and perspectives where individual commitment and advocacy make a real difference to our world.

Drawing on the author’s lifetime of experience in international law and human rights, this book provides rare glimpses of a personal journey in the pursuit of justice through the development and practice of international law. It offers an insight into the workings of international law and international institutions through the eyes of someone who has navigated the system and has been able to achieve meaningful and impactful outcomes.

While much has been written on international human rights law, this inspirational memoir casts a new light on the working of human rights, law, and justice through the eyes of a leading actor.

The book presents an accessible source for current debates around the rules of international law, democracy, and human rights. It gives hope and inspiration for future generations that individual action is meaningful despite the trials and tribulations inherent in life. It is thus a valuable contribution to the study of justice and human rights and the importance of individual action.

Professor Subedi is Professor of International Law at the University of Leeds, a member of the Institut de Droit International, and a Barrister in London.

He also is a visiting professor in the international human rights law program of the University of Oxford. He served as the United Nations special rapporteur for human rights in Cambodia for six years (2009-2015) and as a member of the advisory group on human rights to the British Foreign Secretary for five (2010-2015). In 2021, he was appointed legal procedural advisor to the World Conservation Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature held in Marseille, France.

He has acted as a counsel in a number of cases before the international courts and tribunals, including the International Court of Justice.

The book is available to order from law-justice-surya-subedi

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