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Nepal Election: EC making voters well informed

 October 7, 2022  


The Election Commission has published the details of all voters-their serial number, voter number, voting place, polling station, name of father, mother, husband or wife.

The EC published the details of voters in its The EC, however, would send sealed voter name-list with photo and contact number at the office of the Election Officer later.

It has published the final voter name-list on September 16 for the election of the House of Representatives and Province Assembly scheduled for November 20. The EC has postponed the task of collecting voter name-list after announcement of HoR and Province Assembly election until the election.

EC Spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Poudel shared that the EC would make efforts not to let anyone deprived of voting rights just because of minor errors in the voters details.

As per the details of voters name-list approved by the EC, there are 17.988 million voters for the coming HoR and Province Assembly election.

There were 17.733 million voters in the local-level election held on May 13. The EC has determined 10,891 polling centres and 22,226 polling station under this.

Similarly, the EC would address any questions of voters regarding election related curiosity and confusion in toll free number after Dashain. It has set up and brought into operation a press office at Bahadur Bhawan from September 30 to facilitate with media and to disseminate fact and effective information about election.

The EC has forwarded a plan to run voter education programme by using maximum digital means for the election.

The EC has continued election activities during public holidays on Dashain festival. According to the set election calendar, under the proportional representation system, the same group can nominate another candidates to the vacant places that would remain because of the withdrawal of candidacy between October 6 and 8 (until 3 pm). And, the political party concerned should submit the name list to the EC.

Publication of the closed list of candidates will take place on October 8. Similarly, claim and complaints over qualification of the candidates in the closed list will happen from October 9 to 15. The EC would look into the claim and complaints and take a decision on October 16. The notice about the removal of candidates’ name from the closed list would be published on October 25, and the closed list of candidates would be given a final touch on October 26.

Similarly under the first-past-the-post system, the registration of the nomination of candidates and the publication of the list of the nomination would take place on October 9. The submission of the complaints against candidates would occur on October 10.

And, the EC would take a decision after looking into the nomination and complaints between October 10 and 11. The name list of candidates will be published on October 11, and candidacy withdrawal on October 12. Similarly, the publication of the final name list of candidates and the distribution of election symbols would occur the same day.