Indian PM Modi launches Mission LiFE to fight climate change – South Asia Time

Indian PM Modi launches Mission LiFE to fight climate change

 October 21, 2022  

NEW DELHI — Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched Mission LiFE (Lifestyle For Environment) in the presence of visiting U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in the country’s western state of Gujarat.

Mission LiFE follows a three-pronged strategy. First is encouraging individuals to practice simple yet effective environment-friendly actions in their daily lives. Second is enabling industries and markets to respond swiftly to the changing demand. Third is influencing governments to support sustainable consumption.

Speaking on the occasion, Modi said that people were experiencing the effects of climate change in their surroundings, and in the last few decades unexpected calamities were witnessed.

“This is making it amply clear that climate change goes beyond only policy-making and people themselves are finding that they should contribute as an individual, families and as communities to the environment,” he added.

Emphasizing the benefits of Mission LiFE, the Indian prime minister said that it connected the powers of the people for the protection of the Earth, and taught them to utilize it in a better way.

“Mission LiFE inspires us to do all that can be done in our everyday life to protect the environment. Mission LiFE believes that the environment can be protected by making changes in our lifestyle,” Modi said.

Guterres, on the occasion, warned humanity against over-consumption of the Earth. He hoped that initiatives of the Mission LiFE movement spread throughout the world.(Xinhua)