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British Asian Comedy ‘Little English’ Sets U.K. Release

 March 15, 2023  

London — The first feature film directed by the well-known theater practitioner Pravesh Kumar, called “Little English”, is set to be released in cinemas across the UK from March 17th. The movie centers around a dysfunctional Punjabi family living in a suburban home in Slough, with the story following the newly-arrived Simmy, who has come to marry the eldest son of the family, Raj. However, Raj runs away, leaving Simmy trapped in the house with her overbearing mother-in-law. Simmy manages to rally the support of the family’s dissatisfied in-laws, including a diabetic grandfather and a brother-in-law fresh out of jail. The movie features Rameet Rauli and Viraj Juneja as its main stars, with supporting roles played by Seema Bowri, Madhav Sharma, Goldy Notay, Ameet Chana, and Nikki Patel. The film was produced by Resource Productions CIC, a non-profit social enterprise as part of a larger project funded by the Rothschild Foundation and the Inclusive Recovery Fund. The film was created during the pandemic and provided jobs for 10 young people looking to break into the industry. Over 100 underrepresented individuals also gained experience working on the film. Despite being an independent film, the project was able to secure support from various partners, including the BFI, Pinewood Studios, and VMI.