Nepali Minister of Health and Population Meets UK Health Minister to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation in Healthcare – South Asia Time

Nepali Minister of Health and Population Meets UK Health Minister to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation in Healthcare

 July 17, 2023  

London, United Kingdom – The Minister of Health and Population, Mohan Bahadur Basnet, held a productive meeting with the Minister of State for Health of the United Kingdom, Hon’ble Will Queens, at the Ministry of Health in the United Kingdom. During the meeting, both ministers discussed ways to enhance bilateral cooperation in the healthcare sector and praised the British government’s support for Nepal’s economic and social development, particularly in the field of health.

Minister Basnet expressed his appreciation for the UK’s continuous assistance to Nepal’s health sector and conveyed his hopes for further strengthening the collaboration in the future. He specifically commended the recently concluded agreement between Nepal and the UK, which allows for the appointment of Nepali nurses in the United Kingdom. Minister Basnet also requested support for the capacity building of Nepali health institutions, emphasizing the importance of advancing healthcare services in Nepal.

In response, Minister Queens assured Minister Basnet of the UK’s continued support to Nepal’s health sector. He highlighted ongoing efforts to enhance the capacity of Nepal’s nursing sector and expressed enthusiasm for the arrival of Nepalese nurses to the UK. Minister Queens emphasized that the exchange of healthcare professionals between the two countries would benefit both nations and contribute to strengthening healthcare systems.

The meeting was also attended by Dr Gyan Chandra Acharya, the Nepali Ambassador to the UK, who played a key role in facilitating the dialogue between the two health ministers. Ambassador Acharya expressed his satisfaction with the growing partnership between Nepal and the UK in various sectors, including healthcare.

Furthermore, Minister Basnet utilized his visit to the United Kingdom to gain insights into the training and transfer process of nurses from Nepal. Yesterday, July 16, he visited the training center, emergency department, and wards of the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester. The visit provided Minister Basnet with valuable information about the training procedures and the experiences of Nepali nurses in the UK.

Additionally, Minister Basnet attended the 210th Bhanu Jayanti ceremony organized by the Nepali Embassy and the Nepalese community in the UK. As the chief guest, he addressed the gathering of writers and literature enthusiasts, highlighting the importance of cultural exchanges and the preservation of Nepali literary heritage.

During his stay in the UK, Minister Basnet also met with officials from the Nepali Doctors Association, Nepali Nursing Association, and other Nepali communities residing in the country. These engagements aimed to foster stronger ties and collaboration among healthcare professionals and community organizations.

The visit of the Honorable Minister of Health and Population to the United Kingdom on July 14 was an unofficial one, but it proved to be a fruitful opportunity to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the healthcare sector. The meetings, site visits, and interactions with various stakeholders have laid the foundation for enhanced collaboration between Nepal and the UK, ultimately benefiting the healthcare systems of both nations.

The ministers expressed their commitment to furthering this partnership and continuing their efforts to improve healthcare services, capacity building, and knowledge exchange in the field of medicine. With such collaborative initiatives, Nepal and the UK are poised to achieve significant progress in their shared goal of ensuring better healthcare for their respective populations.