Nikhil Kamath and Dr Neerja Birla Join British Asian Trust’s India Advisory Council for Social Innovation – South Asia Time

Nikhil Kamath and Dr Neerja Birla Join British Asian Trust’s India Advisory Council for Social Innovation

 December 9, 2023  

New Delhi — In a landmark development, prominent trader, entrepreneur, and investor Nikhil Kamath, along with visionary mental health advocate and social entrepreneur Dr Neerja Birla, have joined the esteemed British Asian Trust’s India Advisory Council. The British Asian Trust, founded by His Majesty The King and a group of visionary British Asian business leaders, is a South Asian diaspora-led international development organization with a significant presence across India.

The India Advisory Council, chaired by Mukesh Ambani, boasts influential leaders like S. Ramadorai CBE, Ranjit Barthakur, Natasha Poonawalla, and Aditi Kothari, dedicated to fostering large-scale, sustainable solutions for marginalized communities in South Asia. The council is a pioneer in social finance, working with non-profits, governments, donors, and stakeholders to implement innovative tools like impact bonds, enhancing the scale and effectiveness of philanthropic funding.

Nikhil Kamath, known for co-founding Zerodha, True Beacon, and Gruhas, expressed his commitment to philanthropy and innovative social solutions. He stated, “I am honored to join the British Asian Trust’s India Advisory Council, made up of notable business leaders and philanthropists. Together, we aim to address complex social challenges innovatively and at scale across the country.” Kamath’s dedication to social responsibility is evident in his substantial USD 100 million pledge to Rainmatter Foundation for climate change solutions, making him the youngest Indian signatory of The Giving Pledge.

Dr Neerja Birla, Founder and Chairperson of Aditya Birla Education Trust (ABET), and a leading mental health advocate, emphasized the ongoing barriers in providing the right support for mental health to millions of citizens in India. Through her Mpower initiative, Dr Birla works to raise awareness about mental health, advocate for its importance, and provide holistic care solutions. Globally recognized, she holds the position of Global Chair Mental Health at the G100, a group dedicated to promoting inclusivity and the economic and social empowerment of women worldwide.

Bharath Visweswariah, Executive Director- India, at the British Asian Trust, highlighted the significant contributions that Nikhil Kamath and Dr Neerja Birla will bring to the organization. He stated, “Their passion for conservation, livelihoods, education, and mental health will help us expand our impact innovatively and effectively in India.”

The British Asian Trust, since its inception in 2007, has positively impacted the lives of almost 12 million people, supporting large-scale, sustainable solutions that enable marginalized individuals to achieve their full potential. Together with its supporters, the Trust envisions a South Asia that is prospering and fair for all.