Demonstrators Express Frustration Over Employment Crisis in Nepal, Two Youths Lost Their life in Police Clash – South Asia Time

Demonstrators Express Frustration Over Employment Crisis in Nepal, Two Youths Lost Their life in Police Clash

 December 29, 2023  

Kathmandu – Two young men, Birendra Shahi, 22, of Doti, and Sujan Raut, 23, of Dailekh, who were injured during a police clash that ensued following a demonstration, have tragically succumbed to their injuries while undergoing treatment in Nepal. The clash erupted as youths gathered at Balkumari, protesting alleged barriers preventing them from appearing in the Employment Permit System (EPS) examination, a gateway for employment opportunities in South Korea.

Birendra Shahi, identified as one of the victims, passed away during treatment at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Patan Hospital, according to police reports. Meanwhile, Sujan Raut, initially admitted to Kist Hospital in Imadol, also lost his life during the course of treatment. Sources revealed that Sujan had chest bruises, but no signs of bullet injuries were reported.

The Central Spokesperson of Nepal Police, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Kuber Kadayat, officially confirmed the death of Birendra Shahi, attributing it to injuries sustained during police firing.

In a disturbing turn of events, a group of enraged youths set fire to the vehicle of Minister Jwala, expressing their frustration over not being allowed to fill out the application forms for the EPS examination. DIG Kadayat commented on the incident, stating it was a consequence of the demonstrators’ anger.

The unrest comes against the backdrop of a deepening employment crisis in Nepal, prompting many youths to seek opportunities abroad. According to government sources, more than 2000 Nepali youths have reportedly joined the Russian army in search of employment opportunities, while others have ventured into the Ukrainian forces. Additionally, some are resorting to perilous routes to migrate to European countries and the USA in pursuit of better job prospects.

The tragic deaths of Birendra Shahi and Sujan Raut have intensified concerns about the growing frustration among Nepali youth regarding limited employment options in their home country, raising questions about the adequacy of government measures to address the pressing issue.