India, UK relationship ‘force for good’: UK home secretary James Cleverly – South Asia Time

India, UK relationship ‘force for good’: UK home secretary James Cleverly

 January 26, 2024  

London — British Home Secretary James Cleverly praised the intellectual prowess of India, emphasizing its potential in various sectors during the India Global Forum’s 6th annual UK-India Parliamentary Lunch. Cleverly called the UK-India relationship a “force for good,” suggesting collaboration in addressing global challenges. Meanwhile, concerns were raised over up to 100,000 Indian nationals in the UK without legal status. Cleverly highlighted the significance of India’s Defence Minister’s visit, underscoring the need for strong partnerships in maintaining global peace. India’s Deputy High Commissioner, Sujit Ghosh, highlighted India’s economic strides, urging the UK to recognize and benefit from India’s rise. The event, co-hosted by the Indian High Commission and Lord Jitesh Gadhia, brought together political, business, and finance leaders to celebrate the growing ties between the two democracies. The discussions emphasized the importance of democracies working together amid global challenges. Lord Gadhia noted that while political leaders handle bilateral agendas, people-to-people interactions and collaboration define the dynamic UK-India relationship.