Indians Brave Risks for Jobs in Israel Amid Ongoing Conflict – South Asia Time

Indians Brave Risks for Jobs in Israel Amid Ongoing Conflict

 January 27, 2024  

Lucknow, India : Amid the prolonged conflict between Israel and Hamas, hundreds of Indians are braving the risks to secure job opportunities in Israel. Recruiters are actively seeking to address a labor shortage exacerbated by months of fighting against Palestinian militants. Despite India being the world’s fifth-largest economy, job creation challenges persist, prompting individuals to pursue employment abroad. In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, men, almost exclusively, are queuing for a chance at skilled construction jobs in Israel, offering wages up to 18 times higher than those at home. Despite awareness of the dangers, many are driven by the prospect of providing for their families. The recruitment drive, supported by both nations’ authorities, aims to send 10,000 skilled construction workers to Israel, addressing both the labor shortage and the economic needs of families. India’s foreign ministry highlighted longstanding employment agreements between the countries, emphasizing regulated migration. As these individuals seek opportunities, the conflict in Gaza continues to escalate, with casualties reported and ongoing urban combat, underscoring the challenges faced by those pursuing employment in the region.