Road safety awareness: Man gifts helmets to guests at daughter’s wedding – South Asia Time

Road safety awareness: Man gifts helmets to guests at daughter’s wedding

 February 7, 2024  

New Delhi — In a heartwarming display of commitment to road safety, Sed Yadav, a resident of Korba district in Chhattisgarh, utilized his daughter’s wedding as a platform to advocate for safer driving practices. Amidst the traditional festivities, guests were surprised to receive helmets as return gifts, a gesture aimed at promoting road safety awareness.

The wedding, which took place in the Mudapar area of Korba city, saw not only celebrations but also a meaningful message conveyed by Yadav and his family. Sporting helmets, family members danced joyfully, showcasing their support for safer roads.

Speaking to reporters, Sed Yadav emphasized the importance of valuing life and urged guests to refrain from drinking and driving, highlighting the significant role alcohol plays in many road accidents. He seized the opportunity of his daughter’s special day to advocate for responsible driving habits, recognizing the wedding as an ideal occasion to spread awareness.

This unconventional approach garnered praise from attendees, who appreciated the thoughtful gesture and recognized the importance of promoting road safety within communities. Through his actions, Sed Yadav demonstrated that meaningful change can be initiated even in the midst of joyous occasions, emphasizing the need for collective efforts to create safer roads for all.