UK Expresses Concern Over Pakistan Elections, Calls for Upholding Human Rights and Fairness – South Asia Time

UK Expresses Concern Over Pakistan Elections, Calls for Upholding Human Rights and Fairness

 February 9, 2024  

London — The United Kingdom has voiced concerns over the recent elections in Pakistan, emphasizing the importance of upholding fundamental human rights and ensuring fairness in the electoral process. The UK, acknowledging the historic and close ties between the two nations, commended the participation of voters but highlighted serious issues regarding the inclusivity and fairness of the elections.

In a statement released following the elections, the UK expressed regret over the restrictions placed on certain political parties, preventing them from contesting, and the use of legal maneuvers to hinder the participation of some political leaders. Additionally, concerns were raised over the limitations imposed on internet access during polling, significant delays in result reporting, and allegations of irregularities in the counting process.

The UK urged Pakistani authorities to uphold fundamental human rights, including free access to information and the rule of law. Emphasis was placed on ensuring the right to a fair trial, adherence to due process, and maintaining an independent and transparent judicial system, free from interference.

Highlighting the significance of a civilian government elected with a mandate for crucial reforms, the UK stressed the importance of accountability to the people and representing the interests of all citizens and communities with equity and justice. The UK expressed readiness to collaborate with Pakistan’s next government across shared interests and to support efforts towards achieving these goals.

As Pakistan navigates its political landscape, international scrutiny continues to underscore the importance of upholding democratic principles and ensuring fair and transparent electoral processes.