Nepal Urges UK Government to Address Ex-Gurkha Soldiers’ Demands – South Asia Time

Nepal Urges UK Government to Address Ex-Gurkha Soldiers’ Demands

 March 3, 2024  

In a recent development, Nepal’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Narayan Prakash Saud, has reiterated the importance of addressing the legitimate demands of ex-Gurkha soldiers by the UK government.

Minister Saud emphasized this stance during a meeting of the International Relations and Tourism Committee of the House of Representatives (HoR) on Sunday. He acknowledged some progress made during the February 21 meeting of the Technical Committee between Nepal and the UK. However, he underscored that key demands, particularly concerning equal pensions, remain unmet.

Expressing Nepal’s commitment to advocating for the rights of ex-Gurkha soldiers, Minister Saud announced plans to travel to London for a meeting of the same committee on March 24. During this visit, he intends to raise the unresolved issues pertaining to the demands of the ex-Gurkha soldiers directly with UK officials.

The demands of ex-Gurkha soldiers have been a longstanding issue, with calls for equitable treatment and fair pensions echoing within both Nepal and the UK. Minister Saud’s proactive engagement signifies Nepal’s firm stance on ensuring justice and dignity for its former soldiers who have served in the British Army.

As the dialogue between Nepal and the UK continues, stakeholders remain hopeful for a constructive resolution that upholds the rights and welfare of ex-Gurkha soldiers, reflecting the enduring bond between the two nations.