India Gears Up for Largest Democratic Exercise as 970 Million Voters Prepare to Elect New Parliament – South Asia Time

India Gears Up for Largest Democratic Exercise as 970 Million Voters Prepare to Elect New Parliament

 March 17, 2024  

India is poised to embark on its monumental democratic journey once again as the Election Commission announced the schedule for the parliamentary elections, slated to be the world’s largest democratic exercise. With a staggering 970 million registered voters, the upcoming elections will witness a colossal display of democracy in action.

The Election Commission unveiled on Saturday that the elections will unfold in seven phases, commencing from April 19th and culminating on June 1st, spanning over a duration of 44 days. This meticulous planning aims to ensure smooth conduct and maximal participation across the vast expanse of the nation.

To orchestrate this mammoth endeavor, a workforce comprising a staggering 15 million polling officials and security personnel has been mobilized. Their mandate is to guarantee the integrity of the electoral process and maintain law and order during the polling period.

Facilitating the democratic exercise are 5.5 million electronic voting machines (EVMs), a testament to India’s commitment to modernize its electoral process. These machines will be deployed across more than a million polling stations spread throughout the country.

One of the hallmarks of Indian electoral regulations is the provision stipulating that a polling station must be within two kilometers (1.2 miles) of every domicile. This provision underscores the nation’s dedication to ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in the electoral process, thereby enabling citizens from all walks of life to exercise their fundamental right to vote.

The forthcoming elections in India not only signify the vibrancy of its democratic fabric but also serve as a testament to the resilience of its electoral machinery. With the stage set for the grand spectacle of democracy, the world will keenly observe as India undertakes yet another historic electoral odyssey.