Sadhguru Undergoes Emergency Brain Surgery at Apollo Hospital in Delhi – South Asia Time

Sadhguru Undergoes Emergency Brain Surgery at Apollo Hospital in Delhi

 March 21, 2024  

Renowned spiritual leader Sadhguru underwent emergency brain surgery at Apollo Hospital in Delhi on Saturday. The surgery, necessitated by a sudden health complication, took place under the supervision of a team of expert neurosurgeons. Sources close to the spiritual guru revealed that he was admitted to the hospital following complaints of severe headaches and underwent immediate medical evaluation, leading to the decision for surgery.

The news of Sadhguru’s surgery has garnered widespread concern and well wishes from his followers and admirers worldwide. Many took to social media platforms to express their prayers for his swift recovery and well-being.

Apollo Hospital, renowned for its state-of-the-art medical facilities and skilled medical professionals, assured the public that Sadhguru’s surgery was successful, and he is currently under observation in the intensive care unit. The hospital also emphasized that every measure is being taken to ensure his speedy recovery.

Sadhguru, widely known for his teachings on spirituality, yoga, and meditation, has a significant global following. His absence from public engagements due to health reasons is expected to impact his scheduled events and programs.

Further updates on Sadhguru’s health condition are awaited as his followers and well-wishers continue to pray for his speedy recovery.