Nepal Department of Tourism Begins Issuing climbing Permits to Mt Everest for the season – South Asia Time

Nepal Department of Tourism Begins Issuing climbing Permits to Mt Everest for the season

 March 26, 2024  

KATHMANDU, March 26 – The Department of Tourism of Nepal has commenced the issuance of permits for climbers embarking on expeditions to conquer Mt Everest, the world’s tallest peak, starting today. This marks the beginning of the spring mountaineering season in Nepal, attracting adventurers from across the globe to test their limits amidst the majestic Himalayan landscape.

With the official announcement, mountaineering enthusiasts can now obtain permits to pursue their aspirations of summiting iconic peaks in the Himalayas. According to the Department, the issuance of mountaineering permits covers a range of peaks, offering diverse challenges and experiences for climbers.

Among the permits granted, four climbers have secured permission to undertake the exhilarating journey to conquer Mt Ama Dablam, renowned for its striking pyramid-shaped peak and technical climbing routes. Additionally, five climbers have been granted permits for Himlung, one for Jugal, and an impressive 24 permits for the formidable Mt Annapurna, known for its treacherous terrain and demanding ascent.

In line with modern advancements, the Department has introduced online booking arrangements, streamlining the permit application process for mountaineers eager to embark on their Himalayan adventure. This digital initiative not only enhances convenience but also ensures efficient management of mountaineering activities, aligning with Nepal’s commitment to promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices in the region.

As climbers prepare to embark on their expeditions, safety remains paramount, with authorities emphasizing the importance of adhering to established guidelines and protocols to mitigate risks and ensure a successful and rewarding mountaineering experience.

The commencement of permit issuance heralds the onset of the spring mountaineering season, a time when the Himalayas come alive with the spirit of adventure and exploration. With Nepal’s awe-inspiring peaks beckoning enthusiasts from around the world, the Department of Tourism stands ready to facilitate and support their aspirations of conquering the world’s highest summits.