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Bilateral Committee Meeting Addresses Pension Demands of Ex-Gurkhas

 March 28, 2024  

London — In a significant development aimed at addressing the longstanding demands of ex-Gurkhas, the fourth meeting of the bilateral committee was convened today at the Ministry of Defense in Britain. Led by the Honorable Minister of State for Defense Andrew on behalf of the UK Government, and Dr. Gyan Chandra Acharya, Nepalese Ambassador to the UK, representing the Government of Nepal, the meeting delved into crucial discussions concerning pension parity.
The agenda of the meeting primarily centered around a detailed examination of pension-related issues, a key demand put forth by the Gurkhas. Both sides reviewed the outcomes of previous bilateral committee meetings and engaged in technical-level discussions to chart a path forward.

During the deliberations, the British government presented various arguments and evidence to substantiate the Gurkhas’ demand for equal pension rights. Drawing upon the historical ties between Nepal and Britain, Ambassador Acharya emphasized the need for a comprehensive, long-term solution to address the remaining demands of the Gurkhas, particularly on pension matters.

Representatives from Nepal reiterated the government’s high priority focus on addressing the concerns of the Gurkhas. The Deputy Prime Minister underscored Nepal’s commitment to finding a generous resolution, echoing the sentiments expressed by Foreign Minister Narayankaji Shrestha.

On behalf of the Gurkhas, Major Mr. Juda Bahadur Gurung, Tikendra Dal Dewann, Krishna Bahadur Rai, Dharma Bahadur Tamang & Gyanraj Rai presented compelling arguments, supported by relevant examples, regarding the pension issue.
Minister of State for Defense Andrew Murison acknowledged the invaluable contributions of the Gurkhas to the British Army and expressed readiness to explore reasonable solutions to the matter. He proposed further discussions in the subsequent meeting to deliberate on potential avenues for resolution.
The meeting saw the participation of key stakeholders, including Mr. Roshan Khanal, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Nepali Embassy, and Mr. Anup Shah, Military Attaché, alongside representatives from the British Ministry of Defense and its subordinate officers.

As discussions continue, both sides remain committed to finding an equitable and lasting solution to address the grievances of the ex-Gurkhas, underscoring the importance of the bilateral relationship between Nepal and Britain.