Glastonbury Introduces Groundbreaking South Asian Area “Arrivals” for 2024 Festival – South Asia Time

Glastonbury Introduces Groundbreaking South Asian Area “Arrivals” for 2024 Festival

 April 23, 2024  

London – In a monumental move towards inclusivity and diversity, Glastonbury Festival has announced the introduction of its first-ever dedicated South Asian area, named “Arrivals,” set to debut at this summer’s event.

Scheduled to take place from 26th to 30th June, the festival’s new space aims to showcase the rich cultural tapestry of South Asian music and artistry. Spearheaded by renowned DJ Ritu, Anish Kumar, Manara, and Nabihah Iqbal, Arrivals promises an immersive experience within the renowned Shangri-La area of the festival site.

Designed in collaboration with South Asian cultural organizations, Arrivals marks a significant milestone in the representation of British Asian music and artists on a global stage. The space is a culmination of efforts by organizations such as Going South, Dialled In, and Daytimers, led by DJ and presenter Bobby Friction.

“This is a seminal moment for UK festival culture,” expresses Bobby Friction, highlighting the significance of providing a platform dedicated to South Asian music and beats throughout the entirety of Glastonbury Festival. He describes the introduction of Arrivals as a “personal dream come true,” signaling a transformative shift in the festival landscape.

While Glastonbury’s lineup traditionally features headliners like Dua Lipa, SZA, and Shania Twain, Arrivals seeks to address the underrepresentation of South Asian artists, amplifying their voices and contributions within the festival space.

Organizers describe Arrivals as an “alien jungle planet,” offering festival-goers a unique experience immersed in a “redefined South Asian aesthetic.” Visitors can expect to be engulfed by an audio-visual world adorned with solar punk motifs, carnivorous plants, cyborg beasts, and space pirates, promising a fusion of culture and creativity.

The introduction of Arrivals comes amidst a growing recognition of the global rise of South Asian music, with festivals like Coachella garnering praise for inclusive line-ups featuring artists such as Joy Crookes, Diljit Dosanjh, and Ali Sethi.

Tickets for Glastonbury Festival sold out within an hour of release last November, with resale tickets available on Sunday. However, organizers have cautioned that availability is limited, as demonstrated by the rapid sell-out of coach resale tickets on Thursday.

As anticipation builds for the 2024 edition of Glastonbury Festival, Arrivals stands as a beacon of diversity, promising to elevate South Asian music and culture to new heights on the world stage.