17th Nepal-China (Tibet) Trade Fair on April 29 – South Asia Time

17th Nepal-China (Tibet) Trade Fair on April 29

 April 25, 2024  

Kathmandu, April 25: The 17th Nepal-China (Tibet) Economic and Trade Fair is going to be held in the federal capital on coming April 29.     

The trade fair is held in every two years in one another country as per the agreement reached between the government of Nepal and the commerce department of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China in 1990.     

According to the Trade and Export Promotion Center, the main objective of the fair is to expand further the bilateral economic and trade relations between Nepal and China (Tibet).     

Around 125 businesspersons including a five-member high-level delegation will participate in the fair. The official delegation will be led by Vice Chair of the Tibet Autonomous Region Government of China, Long Fukuan.     

There will be 50 exhibition stalls on behalf of China (Tibet) in the fair, including herbs, agricultural products, modern agricultural tools, tea, electrical appliances, household appliances, carpets, beverages, handicrafts, incense, two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, electric vehicles and beauty products.     

Likewise, there will be 15 exhibition stalls on behalf of Nepal, including herbs, coffee, tea, handicrafts/carpentry, metalwork, carpet, pashmina and other products.     

The fair will be open from 10 am to 6 pm and entry is free. (RSS)