Nepalese British Philanthropist Lamichhane urge to support Historic Nepal-England Football Match – South Asia Time

Nepalese British Philanthropist Lamichhane urge to support Historic Nepal-England Football Match

 April 27, 2024  

London-based businessman and philanthropist Rabindra Jung Lamichhane has urged the community to support the historic match between Nepal and England C which is going to held on 6th of May . He also pledged a generous donation of 6,000 pounds.

As the managing director of Gini London Ltd., Lamichhane expressed his commitment to ensuring the success of this landmark event, emphasizing its significance for both the prestige of Nepal and the Nepali community worldwide.

Speaking about his sponsorship, Lamichhane stated, “I sponsored the historic game to make it a success as it is associated with the prestige of Nepal and Nepalis.”

He further highlighted his longstanding dedication to supporting national causes and urged unity within the Nepali community to rally behind this momentous occasion. “If someone from another community is doing something for us, we should also feel a sense of belonging,” Lamichhane emphasized.

Lamichhane’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond the realm of sports, as he has been actively involved in supporting various charitable endeavors in both the UK and Nepal for the past two decades, particularly in the aftermath of natural disasters like the earthquake and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The highly anticipated match will mark the first visit of the Nepali national team to the UK, where they will face off against England C at the Aldershot Town Football Club Ground in Aldershot.

Acknowledging Lamichhane’s invaluable contribution, a meeting was held between him and Shahid Azim, the chairman of Aldershot Town Football Club, who played a pivotal role in facilitating the historic encounter.

During the meeting, Chairman Azim expressed his gratitude for Lamichhane’s support, while Lamichhane reaffirmed his commitment to future collaboration.

Lamichhane’s dedication to humanitarian causes has earned him recognition on both national and international platforms.

As the first Nepali personality to sign the historic “House of Commons Nelson Mandela Memorial Book,” his contributions exemplify the spirit of global solidarity and humanitarianism, further enhancing Nepal’s standing on the international stage.

Lamichhane’s tireless efforts have garnered him prestigious accolades, including recognition from the President of Nepal for his exceptional social and philanthropic contributions to the nation.

Lamichhane’s generosity and unwavering commitment to social welfare serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration, leaving a lasting impact on communities in need both at home and abroad.