Nepali Rockstar nun Ani Choing Dolma Arrives in UK for Charity Concert – South Asia Time

Nepali Rockstar nun Ani Choing Dolma Arrives in UK for Charity Concert

 May 2, 2024  

London, May 2, 2024: The esteemed singer Ani Choing Drolma has landed in Britain, marking her arrival for a significant charity concert scheduled for this Sunday. Ani, renowned for her soulful performances, arrived in London on Wednesday evening accompanied by Ramji Adhikari, president of Manavseva Ashram.

The ‘Inner Melody for Inner Peace’ program, set to take place on May 5 at the Lakeside Country Club in Camberley, aims to support the building project of Manavseva Ashram. Officials of the UK branch of Manavseva Ashram, along with members of the Nepali community in the UK, warmly welcomed the duo at Heathrow Airport upon their arrival.

Bikram Bhattarai, Secretary Yadav Shrestha, Treasurer Chandra Aryal, and Advisors Shivji Shrestha and Surendra Nepal Shrestha were among those who greeted the singer and the president officer. Additionally, numerous social activists, including NRNA UK former president Surya Gurung and Buddha Foundation UK president Deepak Shrestha, extended their welcome.

In her appeal to Nepalis residing in the UK, Ani urged for support towards the charitable cause behind the concert. She expressed optimism that her musical performance would offer respite from the daily stresses faced by many in Britain.

Ramji Adhikari emphasized the humanitarian goals of the concert, highlighting its aim to aid the destitute, helpless, and vulnerable populations in Nepal. Funds raised from the event will contribute to rescue, treatment, nurturing, and protection efforts for those living in distressing conditions.

Following the charity concert, Ani is scheduled to tour Scotland, Wales, and other regions to engage with Nepalese communities. The concert, expected to draw 1,500 spectators, has been meticulously organized with the aim of generating over one million pounds for the cause.

The preparations for the event have seen the collaboration of dedicated individuals, including Suman Vartaula and Rupa KC of Manavseva Ashram, as well as the arrival of four musicians who will accompany Ani’s live performance.

With anticipation building for her first concert in Britain in nearly eight years, Ani’s return promises not only a memorable musical experience but also a meaningful contribution towards humanitarian endeavors. She is slated to depart for Nepal on May 19, leaving behind a legacy of compassion and generosity.