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Herne Katha’s International Debut: Nepali Heritage Explored in the UK

 May 7, 2024  

London – SOAS, University of London, played host to a momentous event as the renowned research project “Heritage as Placemaking,” in collaboration with Urban Arhat and the Critical Himalayan Collective, welcomed a screening of Herne Katha’s latest film: “The Years Lost.”

The screening drew a crowd of 250 attendees, featuring the musical talents of London-based British/Nepali musicians Kanti Gurung and Saugaat Gurung, alongside the acclaimed filmmaker Niraj Lamgade.

Despite visa delays, Bidhya Chapagain and Kamal Kumar of Herne Katha arrived at Heathrow Airport on May 4th, marking the project’s first overseas venture. Facilitated by collaborative efforts with the research project “Heritage as Placemaking,” the event marked a milestone for Nepali heritage exploration.

The inclusive Q&A session following the screening highlighted the project’s commitment to engaging audiences of all ages. Bidhya Chapagain, responding with sincerity, emphasized the familial bond forged between the Herne Katha team and the characters in their films.

The journey to the UK was made possible by a grant from the “Heritage as Placemaking” outreach and engagement fund, coupled with support from the Britain Nepal Academic Council (BNAC).

In Aldershot, the heart of the Gurkha community, the Herne Katha team presented “The Years Lost” at the Empire Hall in collaboration with the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) UK Chapter. The event, attended by ex-Gurkhas, their families, and community members, showcased the deep appreciation for Herne Katha’s storytelling.

Senior journalist Bhagirath Yogi expressed gratitude to the audience and sponsors, underscoring the impact of Herne Katha’s narrative endeavors.

Launched nearly six years ago, Herne Katha has produced 120 documentaries, offering a platform for the extraordinary stories of ordinary Nepali people to resonate globally. As the project continues to expand its reach, its exploration of Nepali heritage in the UK diaspora promises to enrich cultural understanding and foster connections across borders.