‘I am encouraging voters to stick with Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives’-Ameeet Jogia – South Asia Time

‘I am encouraging voters to stick with Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives’-Ameeet Jogia

 June 11, 2024  

AMEET JOGIA is the new Conservative Parliamentary candidate for the traditionally Conservative held seat Hendon, which covers Edgware, Mill Hill, Colindale, Burnt Oak and Hendon.  Ameet was born in Hendon and has lived around the area all his life. He is the Political Adviser to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, focussing on faith, race and communities. Previously to this he was Councillor for Harrow for over 10 years and an aide to Lord Dollar Popat. He is currently co-chair of Conservative friends of India.. Ameet holds Masters in Geography fromKing’s College, London. He spoke to SOUTH ASIA TIME on his ongoing canvassing and major agenda in this election. Excerpts of the interview:

Now that elections are taking place on 4thJuly, how is your canvassing going on? What type of response are you getting on the doorsteps?

I am very excited that there is going to be an election on 4th July. We have been working hard on the campaign for many months, so I am looking forward to seeing everything come together and speak to as many residents as possible whilst campaigning. We are seeing a positive response on the doorstep at the moment; however, it is important that everyone is registered to vote and indeed goes out to vote on the day.

What is your main message to the voters? What is your main agenda for Hendon?

My message to voters is that I am committed to working hard for Hendon and I will continue to do this if I am elected to Parliament as your MP. I was born in Edgware and grew up around the constituency, so Hendon holds a special place in my heart. I would love to be able to give back to the area that gave so much to me.

In terms of my plans for the area I am against Labour’s plans to introduce a 20% tax on private schools. This would disproportionately impact the British Indian and Jewish community which is incredibly unfair. Parents will not be able to absorb the costs and this will in turn increase strain on state schools. I believe we should be encouraging aspiration. I’m also committed to reducing crime, especially after the horrific news of a mother in Burnt Oak. Finally, I’m in favour of supporting developments that are in keeping with the area, and opposing those which are not, such as the plans to build tower blocks over the Broadwalk centre in Edgware.                    

Labour party is far ahead than your party in the opinion polls and they are calling on Britons to vote for change.  How different will the new government be if Labour wins the next election?

If the Labour Party are elected as the new government, we risk going  back to square one. Labour do not have the conviction, courage or the plan needed to navigate an increasingly uncertain world and secure a brighter future for this country. This is why I am encouraging voters to stick with Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives. We are working through a clear plan and are not afraid to take the bold action needed to deliver a secure future for you and your family.

One of the main concerns of local residents has been long queues at the NHS, incidences of burglary and potholes on the road. Critics say the Conservatives have failed to address these issues. Then, why vote again?

By sticking with the current plan, Rishi Sunak is making progress. The ship is steadier than it was before, and this is why you should vote Conservative. Inflation rates have gone down from 11.1% to 2.3% and has returned to its normal level, the lowest since 2021. The economy has grown, and we have the joint fastest growth in the G7 this quarter. Rishi Sunak’s track record shows he will deliver even when difficult decisions are needed. This makes him, and the Conservative Party the best choice for you at the upcoming election.

Hendon is known for ethnic diversity and cultural harmony.  How will you support and promote cultural harmony in your constituency if you get elected?

I will continue to work with community leaders to ensure that minority voices are protected and amplified. Over the last few months, I have visited a number of community institutions in Hendon that do remarkable and selfless work, caring for the most vulnerable members of minority communities. I hope to continue to support these organisations in the future in Parliament as the work they do is vital. There are large Indian and Jewish communities in Hendon who I hope to continue to support.

How do you see the contributions of the South Asian community in the UK?

The South Asian community is a huge part of the UK and of Hendon, I was born in Edgware but am of Indian origin. I have worked hard but have only got to where I am today because of the help of the broader South Asian community around me. If elected, I am committed to upholding and supporting the South Asian community if elected.

What motivated you to become an MP?

I have worked in politics for over 15 years and I have loved every moment. I have had the opportunity to work in a range of environments but the one thing that has been consistent has been my connection to Hendon. I was born in Edgware and grew up around the constituency. My experience in Westminster and my love for my home town means that I have the skills to be able to represent local people and give back to the area that has given so much to me over the years.  

Your message for voters.

I encourage you to register to vote and on the 4th July, please go out to vote and vote Conservative! I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible soon.