Sunak and Starmer Clash in Final Debate Ahead of 4 July General Election – South Asia Time

Sunak and Starmer Clash in Final Debate Ahead of 4 July General Election

 June 27, 2024  

London, 27 June 2024 – Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer engaged in a heated debate last night, their final showdown before the upcoming general election on 4 July. The two leaders sparred on a variety of critical issues, including tax policies, immigration, Brexit, and gender rights.

Sunak accused Starmer of planning significant tax increases and lacking a coherent strategy on immigration. “Labour’s tax hikes will stifle economic growth and hurt working families,” Sunak argued. He also criticized Starmer’s stance on immigration, suggesting the Labour leader has no viable plan to manage the issue.

In response, Starmer lambasted Sunak, claiming the prime minister had been pressured into addressing the political betting scandal. “Rishi Sunak is out of touch with the everyday concerns of voters and is only acting now because he’s been bullied into it,” Starmer retorted.

Both leaders continue their vigorous campaign efforts today as the election race reaches its final stretch. Sunak will face the media during a visit to a Derbyshire factory and later at a campaign event in Leeds. Meanwhile, Starmer will travel on the Labour battle bus through the North West and West Midlands, highlighting Labour’s plans for incorporating work experience programs in schools.

Other political leaders are also making their final pushes. Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey will participate in a BBC 5 Live phone-in with Nicky Campbell at 9 am, followed by visits to the North West, West Midlands, and Oxfordshire. Reform UK leader Nigel Farage will speak at a rally in County Durham, and SNP leader John Swinney will campaign in Edinburgh.