UK General Election Polls Open: Historic Vote Underway – South Asia Time

UK General Election Polls Open: Historic Vote Underway

 July 4, 2024  

July 4 – After an intense six-week election campaign, the moment of decision has arrived as polls open across the United Kingdom. Millions of voters will head to 40,000 polling stations throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to elect their new Members of Parliament (MPs).

In a historic first for a UK general election, voters casting their ballots in person must present photo identification. This new requirement aims to enhance the integrity of the voting process, ensuring each vote cast is legitimate and verified.

Polling stations will be open until 22:00 BST, after which the vote counting will commence immediately. The first seat declarations are anticipated to be announced approximately an hour after polls close.

Stay tuned for live updates as the nation votes in what could be a pivotal election shaping the future of the UK.