UK General Election Sees Unprecedented AI Candidate in Brighton Pavilion – South Asia Time

UK General Election Sees Unprecedented AI Candidate in Brighton Pavilion

 July 4, 2024  

LONDON – In a historic first, an artificial intelligence (AI) entity is running as an independent candidate in the United Kingdom’s general election. Businessman Steve Endacott is contesting for the Brighton Pavilion constituency, represented by his AI avatar, ‘AI Steve.’

As voters head to the polls today, they will find AI Steve listed on the ballot papers. Powered by Endacott’s Neural Voice company, AI Steve was introduced as a response to Endacott’s frustration with traditional politics. He aims to leverage AI technology to “re-invent democracy.”

AI Steve has launched a LinkedIn page to engage with the constituency’s 45,000 residents. According to its bio, the AI candidate proposes policies through a transparent voting process, validated by a separate group of Validators who rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. A policy requires a 50 percent score to be adopted, ensuring that only widely supported initiatives are implemented.

The UK election commission has clarified that if AI Steve wins a seat in Parliament, the human candidate, Steve Endacott, would serve as the MP.

Across the UK, 46.5 million Britons are eligible to vote today, choosing MPs for 650 constituencies. The election sees Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in a tight race with Labour Party leader Keir Starmer, each vying for a majority government. A win for the Labour Party would signify a decisive power shift, ending the Conservative Party’s tenure under Sunak.