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About us

The beauty of the multicultural ethnic community in the United Kingdom demands a regional and ethnic media platform that gives voice to this community. Considering this fact a group of passionate journalist s living in the United Kingdom took the initiative to establish South Asia Time as a common media platform for diaspora  South Asian community living mainly in the UK.

South Asia time is an online portal that provides useful and reliable information regarding socio-economic and business updates from the UK and region that may be of interest to the South Asian community.

SAT team is passionate to become the voice of the  South Asian community in the, their countries of origin and the local diaspora community in an inclusive manner.

It aims to be a fair, equitable and common platform for all people regardless of the caste, race, and gender.

Due to the global nature of modern information technology and the vast range of information, mainstream media are overlooking the voice of the local community and the minorities. SAT aims to be the local and common voice of the unheard and be the vision of the unseen picture of the society which has been neglected by mainstream media.

Vision: To be the first choice of media of the South Asian Community in the UK

Mission : To provide news and information that may be of interest to South Asian Community

Core  Objectives :

– Providing reliable information

– Short and precise News

– Impartial views

– Preference to the news that could be of interest to South Asian community in the UK

– Follow the highest ethical standards of journalism and media

Our dedicated team : 


Bhagirath Yogi

Editor / Publisher 

Jagan Karki

SEO & IT Consultant

Shakti Ghimire 

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding our content, please feel free to contact us at : editor@southasiatime.com