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Disruptive innovation and use of technology

 November 20, 2018  


Economists have been studying human behavior for centuries, determining how our ever-changing desires fuel supply-and-demand paradigms. They have conducted in-depth analysis of the legal frameworks responsible for current trading regimens for SMEs, and government enterprises. These centuries-old systems, developed though they may be are now being upended by new-age technology that is adding value, cutting costs, and increasing efficiency like never before. Innovative new technologies are being designed to be more inclusive, more transparent, and more rewarding. These systems allow for easy, quick, and efficient information dissemination.

Of course, these concepts encompass so many other attendant technologies. Innovation management technology has the capacity to radically transform financial, legal, medical and information dissemination networks across the board. These disruptive processes are already yielding results in the way that enterprises function. Global management systems have evolved dramatically over the years. Prior to his passing, Nobel laureate Douglas North pioneered new institutional economics. The institutional economics that he referred to were the rules and frameworks that were established, and the systems that were used to enforce trade. We have evolved from hunter gatherers to formal institutions where banks were involved, and later to online institutions. The global economy has now metamorphosed into a large interconnected online system. Within this online network lies innovation management par excellence.

Dramatic Trade Transformations Pay Dividends

Human economic activity is now facilitated by way of online institutions through ecommerce operations including Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and the like. Every new iteration that humankind develops through innovation and dynamism – the latest being online connectivity via the Internet – is designed to lower levels of uncertainty when creating value. Before, management systems relied on the banking sector and government for their operational functionality.

Now, we can use sophisticated technology without banking or government to define our new-age economic system. This has resulted in dramatic innovation management systems and a new breed of employees who are bringing this dynamism to life. For many folks, the concept of innovation management remains shrouded in mystery. The power of these new-age management systems is extraordinary, and enterprises are using disruptive innovation management solutions to facilitate cutting-edge systems that are rendering traditional economic models defunct.

Unleashing Corporate Innovation and Coupling It with State-of-the-Art Technology

We are seeing a merger of innovative technology and innovation management right before our eyes. The traditional system of authoritarian management has given way to collective systems where feedback is encouraged, fostered, and engendered in organizations since the employees have a vested interest in furthering their own objectives alongside those of the enterprise. Even new ICO companies are springing up rapidly, fusing blockchain tech with innovation management systems. These enterprises are proposing new-age solutions that have traditional institutions running scared. The magic of innovation management is that it offers exponential benefits to corporations since these companies are drawing on the synergistic power of their human capital.

It is against this backdrop that companies are able to reshape their activities, redesign their products and services, and refocus their creative wells of inspiration to draw from their strongest assets – their employees. Whether it’s incremental innovation or disruptive innovation, it is thanks to out-of-the-box thinking in concert with innovation management technology that we are able to achieve amazing feats of human ingenuity, trustless systems, and efficient operations.

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