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The oldest Youtuber Chef Mastanamma passes away

 December 6, 2018  

At 107 years, world’s oldest YouTube chef Mastanamma, who started her journey on social media platform, two years ago, passed away at her native village of Guntur District in Andhra Pradesh on Monday, December 3 after a six-month-long illness.

Her cooking skills and mouth-watering recipes were liked and viewed globally especially by cooking enthusiasts. In a short span of time, Mastanamma had become a YouTube sensation which brought her accolades from all corners.
According to, The News Minute, her channel ‘Country Foods’ created by two media persons from Hyderabad, K Laxman and Srinath Reddy managed to grab the attention of 12 million viewers.

Each of Mastanamma’s cooking videos began from scratch. What made her videos popular with her viewers was the proximity to nature, easily available ingredients and of course the 107-year-old’s relentless spirit and her toothless smile.

Married off at the age of 11, Mastanamma had five children, of whom only one son is alive today. Her husband died when she was just 22 years old, leaving her to raise all the children on her own.

Mastanamma could cook anything, but seafood was her specialty. Living on the banks of a river in Guntur all her life, she figured out all the recipes by herself. She also had a unique preparation method before beginning to cook. Mastanamma peeled potatoes, gingers and even tomatoes with her fingers and used only the fleshy inside parts for cooking. She even had her own distinct style to crack open an egg.

In an interview to TNM last year, Srinath recalls their first meeting with Mastanamma. “She was so active, and led such a busy lifestyle. She loved to be independent, and lived alone, while her son stayed in a house adjacent to hers. We loved her attitude, and decided to shoot videos with her,” Srinath said.

Mastanamma had probably fallen sick in the past 6 months as Country Foods had stopped posting her videos for a while. Fans had become restless and inquired about the 107-year-old’s health. The YouTube channel on Monday finally posted a video on the last journey of Mastanamma and broke the news of her death to her fans.