Corruption has been increased even after elected local and federal government in Nepal

The CPI 2019 report—which ranks 180 countries across the globe based on their levels of corruption—was compiled by Transparency International, and unveiled by TIB around 11am at Dhanmondi’s Midas Centre on Tuesday.

According to TI, Nepal is among the most corrupt countries in the world as it is ranked 124th based on its corruption index. Last year, Nepal was ranked 122 on the list. Nepal scored 31 points out of 100 in the 2018 index released on Tuesday. The report has shown that Nepal’s public sector continues to be more corrupted even after people’s representatives are running the affairs of the state at different levels of government.

Denmark achieved the number one spot on the CPI scale, making it the most corruption-free country in the world. Somalia ranked as the most corruption-riddled country among 180 candidates.

Among Nepal’s neighbors: Bhutan placed 25th, India 78th, Pakistan 117th, Bangladesh  149th , Sri Lanka 89th and Myanmar 132th. Nepal and the Maldives jointly ranked at the 124th position.

In a Twitter post on Monday, Transparency International mentioned: “Being at the top of the #CPI2018 doesn’t mean a country is #corruption free. High ranked countries also have corruption that the CPI doesn’t measure.”

The CPI scale data was compiled from November, 2016 to September 2018.

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